Its Business As Usual For The Forseeable Future

October 2013

Following a very positive meeting on the 7th May with the DoH, we have been advised by Daniel Poulter, Health Minister to:

"carry on as you are, the government wants to support independent midwives and is working with IMUK to find the best solution. The minister is sympathetic and will do what he can".

If you are expecting a baby we suggest you contact your local IM and have a discussion with her about what she can offer.

Urgent Reading For All Women and Midwives....the future of childbirth

I am a mother of two, and I practice as an independent midwife. I have also been initiated into a medicine path, and so over the years have absorbed some of the indigenous teachings and understandings. The understanding that underlies all the teachings is that everything is connected… all things are related. Consequently, I am drawn to observing and studying the ways of nature, the natural rhythms, the moon cycles, the seasons and how all these things impact us.