A change in what we offer

As 2014 starts to come to a close, and the seasons short days invite us to go inside and reflect, it is time to share where we sit in the world of midwifery.

2014 was a big year for Independent Midwifery. There were many times that it looked liked the end of independent midwifery all together. However, some of my colleagues worked tirelessly to find a solution, and in the summer finally found an insurance option which meant independent Midwives could fulfil the government requirements to have public indemnity insurance and continue practicing. Many celebrated and continue to work.

However, for us the insurance premiums of £1500 annually, plus a further £500.00 for each woman we book and other requirements around the way we practice did not sit comfortably. Insurance plays a big part in many of our lives, for example it is the cause for many of the health and safety policies in hospital. For us, not having insurance in the past, meant we had a different relationship with our women, where there was an invitation to take full responsibility for their decisions, a possibility of being more empowered around birth. Research indicates that if insurance is in place there are many more cases which go to court looking for compensation. Right now neither of us feel comfortable practising in this context and the high premiums would mean raising our fees to a level which does not feel appropriate.

So what is next? We are midwives, in our hearts, hands, blood and spirit. Deeply committed to supporting women.We now find ourselves trusting and open to what the universe wants to birth through us.

Meanwhile- Fiona and Sheila are available for ante- natal, post-natal and doula work; and consultations around birth choices, birth plans, etcetera.

Fiona also offers individual de-briefing sessions, talks and workshops.
Fiona: fionashaw@unveilingbirth.co.uk 07917333090/ 01453 836963

Sheila: sheilawilsonmw@hotmail.com 07788748198