About Fiona

I am committed to honouring and supporting women and work towards facilitating instinctual body knowledge, which enables women to become aware of their power through birth.

I believe in the importance of a celebratory welcome for the baby.

I honour childbirth as a hugely significant rite of passage and initiatory journey and have seen how positively an empowered birth experience can impact future parenting.

Because of my experience as a midwife both in this country and abroad, I deeply trust in women's instinctual knowing of how to give birth naturally. But because of both personal history and cultural assumptions, it may be hard for us to trust this.

In a compassionate, caring, antenatal relationship, awareness can be brought to some of these issues. I bring to this whole process a variety of tools including counselling, bodywork, Reiki healing and ceremony.

An important part of my role as a midwife is holding the sacred space around the mystery that surrounds the birthing process.