About Shiela

In the 13 years that I have been a midwife, I have been continually inspired by the huge transformation that a woman experiences in her journey towards childbirth and motherhood. A positive birth is one where a mother can acknowledge those things in her, which brought inner strength, and those things that challenged her. The continious presence of the same sensitive and supportive midwife has proven to be a vital factor in developing these qualities.

Every woman carries a story of birth. It is one learned from friends, mothers and her deep self. Stories touch the soul and influence a woman on many levels. As a midwife I feel there is a need to encourage these stories to be told, so that the mother and I can move together in this growthful period, with trust and a sure understanding. I want to listen to all her concerns and fears, to support and inform her choices.

Childbirth is a natural experience for a woman, taking her through the unknown. It is full of mystery, and deserving of great respect and dignity.

I came to this work because of my desire to guide women through this initiation period and give them a sense of fulfilment. A large part of this care lies in encouraging a mother to call on her own intuitive understandings and trust the teachings of her body.

To witness the moment of birth is a great honour. In an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere the emerging baby is able to respond gently to their new life. It is a time of intimate celebration for both mother and father.

Every birth deepens my understanding.