Dori's Story

When I was pregnant with my second child at 23, I was fortunate enough to have Fiona as my midwife for a water birth at home.

This birth will live in the memory of my being forever, as it was the first time that I came fully alive into, and flowed with the true power of my woman-body. The strength of this experience still ripples out to enhance my life today.

There are many things I could write about Fiona, from my deep gratitude for her support. This poem is for her :-

Dolphin Midwife. 

Fiona is a Dolphin Midwife 
She slides with subtle delicacy into the rhythm 
Of my home and body 
Embracing me with softness 
Light in her blue eyes encouraging rest. 

My labour slows down 
Like I am standing on the shore 
Scared of the ocean.. 
She listens 
Her intuition as immaculate as her knowledge 
Her trust in my birth never falters. 

Fiona knows the depths of Power 
within her, and other women 
But does not make a noisy splash of it 
She invites me to swim 
Into hidden caves of my Being 
When I come up for air 
We float and laugh together. 

She waits.. 
Patiently urging me to embrace my strength 
When I surrender 
She is already there to meet me 
She washes me with support and honour 
Her knowing hands move like warm water 
Massaging my body. 
When tidal waves of Birth Energy 
Start crashing through me 
She rides them with grace 
She does not stand in the light casting shadows 
But swims to unseen depths of presence 
I sink into the timeless wonder 
Of breath, womb and water 
She quietly watches. 
She does not interrupt this magic.

He comes suddenly 
With one deep unexpected movement 
He flows out of my body 
Beautifully, like a fish.

She rises in a dive 
Of efficiency and awareness 
On a tide of capability 
with silent speed and calm action 

She looks at me, and my new son 
deep into our eyes 
our oceans are One 

She takes nothing 
While I bond with his fresh body 
When her work is done she swims 
Away as gently as she came