What we offer

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a change in what we are offering

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An individualized midwifery service offering continuity of care. 


  • One to one care.
  • Antenatal care in your own home or office.
  • Time to develop an empowering relationship of trust and support for your pregnancy and birth.
  • Information about and arranging of tests and screening either through the NHS or privately.
  • We offer good contacts with other health professionals and would be prepared to accompany and support you in the event of any referrals.


  • Helping you explore the kind of birth that’s right for you. We are committed to supporting women’s choice around the circumstances of giving birth.
  • We are confident with home and water births but should the place of birth you’ve chosen need to change, we will accompany and support you through the process.
  • We offer the support of a second midwife for the birth who you will meet during your pregnancy.



  • Full postnatal care until you transfer to your health visitor ten days after your baby is born (or longer if circumstances require it).

Other support

  • Fiona is a complementary practioner, and can offer as an additional service Reiki healing, massage and reflexology in support of your pregnancy and emotional process.